Why are their no prices on the website?

Every project is different. The two main factors in price, is square footage of cleaning area along with condition of cleaning area. Without a physical inspection, we would not be able to provide a Guaranteed Price with no surprises during the job. We also have an opportunity to scout out the location to see how the project would be completed to share with technician to make cleaning as efficient as possible for you.

Are you LICENSED, insured and bonded?

License - The State of Texas does not have a Pressure washing license, so it is not required. Be wary of anyone claiming to be licensed since it does not exist for these services. Also note, a pressure washer in inexperienced hands can do a lot of irreversible damage real quick resulting in thousands of dollars to fix. 

Insured - Yes. We carry a multi-million dollar policy availible anytime for review. Just ask the technician and they will provide a copy. We can add Certificate Holders, Addionally Insured Entities and Modify policy coverages to meet specific job demands. 

Bonded - Yes. All technicians must pass a complete back-ground check and become bonded for your assurances.

When are projects completed?

We schedule all services based on your schedule. You tell us when you want it done. 

Residential Services - We can normally completed work within 72 hours of agreement. If project is urgent, let us know and we can work to expedite the schedule to complete as soon as that day. 

Commercial Services - During the quoting process we normally have this discussion to find out when the best time to schedule services to work around your business needs is. 

For all jobs, we typically will work in light rain as long as no lighting is present except for roof jobs in which we will only work in dry conditions for safety reasons. Heavy rains or freezing temperatures will prevent us from being able to complete projects due to safety reasons.

I want to get my siding and wood deck cleaned. I heard pressure washing will tear it up?

High pressure washing can and will tear up certain surfaces such as Hardi Siding, Vinyl and Wood. This is why our highly trained technicians utilize high pressure, low pressure and soft washing techniques to properly clean each type of surface with no damage.

Do I have to be home or at the site when the job is completed?

Home Services - No. We can perform all services without you having to be on-site. We do ask the following if it applies to your project:

Roof or services that require back-yard access - any gates that might be locked, leave unlocked on day of appointment or provide means of access (key or code) so that we can complete the work.

Any "leaking" windows or doors, let us know so that we can take special care when working around them.

Commercial Services - Only if roof service is being performed with roof access from inside the building. Otherwise, you are not needed on-site. 

What payments do you accept?

Residential - we accept all major credit cards, checks and cash payable after service is completed. Technicians have mobile credit card processing capabilities to take payments and e-mail you a receipt.

Commercial - we accept all major credit card, cash and checks. Typically during the quoting process we will set-up your commercial account based on your payment preference. 

If you have a question that is not listed here, call us today so that we can provide you any information you need at 512-900-1235. 



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