Pressure, Power and Soft Washing for all your home or business surfaces.

Dirt, mold, algae along with a whole list of other contaminants can dramatically reduce the appearance of your home, driveways, concrete and business resulting in dingy, old and depressed looking surfaces. Let RAR apply the right cleaning process to clean away everything, brighten the surface up and bring back the original appearance. Pick from a single one-time service or add to your RAR Home or Business Plan for year long maintenance with guaranteed results!

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Homes, Businesses and Buildings

In Central Texas, we live with humidity, mold and algae. The perfect combination to make the exterior of your home or business lose its shine and luster. Using the right cleaning agents combined with soft washing techniques, we can safely remove all contaminants making your home or business shine again. We are experienced in all exterior surfaces from natural stone, stucco, brick to all types of siding and everything in between.


Driveways, Sidewalks, Walkways, POrches, Patios, decks, BUSINESS front/back door pads or dumpster areas

From spills, oil, dirt to mold and algae our concrete surfaces can really take a beating. Let out HOT Water pressure washing remove the grime, brighten the surface and breath new life into your concrete.

Commercial Services - we specialize in restaurants, retail, banks and other business that deal with unique situations and high traffic that can really take a toll on your concrete. We have our cleaning processes down to a science to address any containment or build-up on your concrete leaving a clean surface behind.


Roof Washing

Don’t think the only way to get a new looking roof is to replace it. We can clean all types of roofs, removing pollution, dirt, mold/algae stains and streaks leaving behind a beautiful looking roof using our Soft Wash process that is tough on contaminants but soft on the roof.