RAR is filling the gaps by offering a total exterior solution for your Home or Business. By offering a portfolio of services, we aim to be your “one-stop shop” for all exterior, and some interior, services. No more having to remember who takes care of landscaping, another company for windows and yet another for power washing and so on. You can make one call, speak to your assigned Service Specialist who is with you from day 1, knows your account, your property, your service history and needs who can quickly and confidently assist you with anything you need.

You can choose any service we offer for a one-time completion or even re-occurring schedule completion of that one service on a schedule that fits your needs or you can build your customized RAR Service Plan that allows you to pick from any of the services offered, choose the frequency for each service and then let us do that rest.

Key features of a RAR Service Plan

  • Assigned Service Specialist - You will be assigned one specific individual who will handle all aspects of your account from day 1. Anytime you have a question, concern or want to get additional services, you will have direct access to your Service Specalist who will know your account details, property, service history and preferences and needs.

    • Service Specialist will make quality inspection visits to your property on a schedule consistent with your plan’s service schedule to review the quality of the service and ensure your 100% satisfaction.

  • Simplified Billing and Payments -one bill / one payment for all your services.

  • Service Completion Reports

  • Discounts for bundled services, extended service plans and multi-location service plans.

  • Priority Service Scheduling for Plan Members.

  • Emergency Service Priority. When life happens and you need service now, plan members get priority over non-plan service calls. Example, a strong storm rolls through and a tree is blown down in front of your driveway. You need someone now to remove the tree so you can go to work in the morning. While everyone else is scrambling to find someone, as a plan member, you get priority and assurance someone will be there quickly to take care of you.

  • So much more - Call today to speak with an Service Specialist and get started!